Exclusively exhibited and sold at

The Irene Laksine Gallery

in Cookham, Berkshire


A young boy surrounded by concrete jungle using drawings to escape to his dreams and express them.

A teenager trying out the delights of a potter's wheel for a stint in college.

The wannabee builder and decorator with the untapped creative talent landing his dream job in a studio, surrounded by inspiration, vision, materials and like minded individuals to fuel his passion…….

This is ME, I'm Stalin George.

I sculpt in a completely unique material.

Every colour holds a memory, every layer tells a story - a snapshot into the famous, infamous, the unsung heroes or crews who make the visual moulding a reality and gives each piece the uniqueness you observe now.

Each sculpture has an imprint of history or an event, you could be holding a memory of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, The Beastie Boys or Kanye West ....or even the footprint of MarioTestino, Nick Knight - all have momentarily influenced the creations of my artworks.

Stalin George  sculpts in a completely unique material.

What is it?

27 years of paint!

Stalin is the set design manager at a well known photographic studios in London. Everytime a client came for a photo or advertising shoot, they would choose the colour they wanted for the background, and the studios would be repainted. After 27 years, the surface had become uneven and it was decided to strip it all off the walls, floors and ceilings of the studios and to start again. All the paint, and some of the plaster was stripped and thrown into a skip!

Stalin saw this and immediately his creative ideas flowed. He asked if he could have it and set to work creating amazing sculptures, works of art and jewelry from this truly individual and unique material.

Each piece is completely different and the colours tell a story, whether an advertising campaign, a fashion shoot or a party, Stalin remembers who was there.  

Seeing is believing!  

About Stalin George

About Stalin George's sculptures